The wolves in the woods have sharp teeth and long claws, but it's the wolf inside who will tear you apart.


Kusama is a 'canary' network which goes hand in hand with Polkadot - a top 10 project by marketcap. New features are implemented and tested on the Kusama network before they are fully released on the Polkadot network, allowing developers to test out new features in a sandbox environment. Developers may also choose to deploy fully on the Kusama network, which gives them access to cutting-edge features before anyone else not using the network and with less financial resources required (to secure a parachain slot).


Chain Guardians is the self proclaimed first of its kind, a project which brings superheros and blockchain together through the combination of traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technology to create a user driven economy. Users are able to participate in a free-to-play NFT mining platform where players can earn money, effectively rewarding them for using the platform. Assets are represented by ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum network.


Solana is an ecosystem coin designed with scalability in mind; it's end goal is to allow developers to implement dApps on the ecosystem without the element of bottlenecks (i.e. performance issues with the network). It uses PoH and PoS to enables automatically ordered transactions and increase network security. Low transaction costs, fast transaction speeds and language agnosticity are the main objectives of the project.


A cryptocurrency-based community & research group that gives the next generation insight into the future of digital assets. The team behind the magic are fully devoted to giving people an opportunity to completely change their lives. Our goal is to be able to provide free education whilst also making the learning process profitable. We are strong believers in change and adaptation. We are the reason many people will experience financial freedom whilst also gaining knowledge on the future of digital assets.


One of the best ways to learn more about cryptocurrency is to keep up to date with news. Take in the information you see and try to do extensive research so you can learn and understand more.

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