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Ledger Nano S

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Hardware wallets are the epitome of security in a world of volatility and vulnerability when it comes to protecting your cryptocurrency assets. However even among them there are standouts that go above and beyond to protect and secure your funds from malicious entities. 

The Ledger Nano S stands near the top of the food chain. The LED display is used to confirm and validate payment while accompanied by a user’s PIN. It fits nicely into your pocket and is inconspicuous enough to carry around in everyday life activities. The wallet has an app available for download on your computer called Ledger Live that simplifies interaction with your wallet. The wallet can also interact with hot wallets such as Metamask to access funds. 

The only drawbacks for this wallet are the fact that it is expensive compared to hot wallets, and being a cold wallet it does not provide all the online functionalities a hot wallet does. You need to carry it around you to interact with your tokens which is a security risk in itself. Even considering all that overall for a hardware wallet, this is the cream of the crop and should be considered by any serious trader.