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BlindBoxes Overview

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TOKEN NAME: Blindboxes (BLES)



Blindboxes is a digital curator which gives new artists a platform to increase exposure , reach and sales for their work through the unboxing of limited edition NFT’s. Rare NFT linked collectibles are hidden in boxes at random, when these boxes are opened they will also provide BLES which is the token that gives users voting rights and also the power to create their own boxes. Sales and resales of the collectibles benefit the creator with compensation and exposure through the value of their work.


                                                   Use Cases

  1. Exposure: Creators gain exposure through the platform and the circulation of their work.
  2. Creator compensation: Creators receive fair untampered proceeds off the sales and resales of their work through the smart contract.
  3. Blindbox Launchpad: The launchpad enables creators to host tokenized crowdfunding campaigns for NFT projects.
  4. Blind Box Fund: This fund provides grants to creators that helps support the creation of amazing pieces of work.
  5. Collectors Dream: Collectors have a beginner friendly sandbox to curate and build collections. 
  6. No Auction Format: No auction means there is a less stressful environment to acquire valuable art.
  7. Element of surprise: eliminates the paradox of choice for mainstream collectors.




   $BLES tokens can be used to make decisions of the future of the platform, holders have a direct stake in tht management Blindboxes DAO. Creators can mine $BLES tokens by selling NFTs or receiving grants from the Blindbox Fund. Collectors mine $BLES by purchasing off exchanges or opening Blind Boxes.


 Max Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 $BLES

 Community Supply:  50,000,000 $BLES