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Wolf's Crypto Spotlight: Changpeng Zhao

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Wolf’s Crypto Spotlight


Changpeng Zhao


Changpeng Zhao was born in China to a hardworking family, his father worked as a professor throughout the region moving as often as required for his work. After the cultural revolution in China his father left to study abroad at the University of British Columbia. CZ and the rest of his family followed him there later on at 12. In high school CZ got into programming through classes which interested him enough to study computer science at the University of Mcgill.


After leaving college CZ helped develop trading software at several notable companies such as Bloomberg and Tokyo Stock Exchange. He worked in this sector for a while until 2013 when he got into cryptocurrency through a friend who talked to him about Bitcoin. He was so interested in the sector he sold his apartment and quit his job to completely divert his focus towards it. 


CZ’s first job in crypto was through where he figured out his strength was in trading. From then on he worked as the CTO for OkCoin helping devise their trading systems and in 2017 decided to create his own platform with better customer support, better UI, and lower fees. Binance held an ICO for their own cryptocurrency in July 2017 which raised 15 million dollars for BNB, a cryptocurrency made for cheaper, easier trading on the platform.

CZ Project History

  • CEO for Binance
  • Creator of BNB Coin
  • Former CTO for OKCoin
  • Head of Futures Development for Bloomberg