A wise man once said...

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

We understand that majority of our community are looking to be profitable when they enter the markets but the learning process is also a key factor.

Nowadays people tend to not last long when investing in digital assets because they are lacking the knowledge they need to progress.

Below you will find some useful information that you will need on your journey when investing in digital assets.

Hot wallets Vs Cold Wallets

There are two different types of wallets in cryptocurrency. Hot wallet and cold wallets aka hardware wallets and online wallets. Check the graphic to understand the differences between them.

Best Time to Buy In

For the inexperienced trader the cryptocurrency world is hard to navigate. It can be hard for someone to find the exact right time to buy into a specific currency. However there are certain times to buy cryptocurrency that will maximize your profit significantly more than others.

Sending Money - FIAT VS CRYPTO

We have become accustomed to sending money within our varying financial systems, but the DeFi space brings entirely new options of sending and receiving currencies. Learning these are vital to becoming an experienced trader.

Becoming a Chainlink Node

Chainlink is major in the cryptocurrency space. As one of the biggest cryptocurrencies around it's hard to go anywhere without hearing about it. For Chainlink enthusiasts, it might be confusing finding ways to get involved but it is actually really simple, here is a breakdown of the process to become a node.

Ways to Secure your Cryptocurrency

Centralized currencies have methods in place to encourage security, there are several ways to safeguard your funds within those systems. With cryptocurrency safeguarding your funds is equally as important because there is usually no way to recover lost funds.

Ways to earn Cryptocurrency - Mining / POW

There is a multitude of ways to earn income through cryptocurrency, this is a look at mining which is receiving payment for solving complicated equations proving that a block of transactions is legitimate.


Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency in the world. The projects made on Ethereum make up a vast amount of cryptocurrencies on the market, we all know about Ethereum but the language behind it is still confusing or unknown to many. Solidity makes coding cryptocurrencies easier and was a key function of the crypto space we see today.

Staking / POS

Staking currency yields passive income for those investing in cryptocurrency it validates the network in a more efficient/ less tedious way than mining.

Crash VS Correction

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility sometimes you gain quickly, and sometimes you lose quickly. The biggest fear for people getting into this market is losing all their money very quickly that is why it is important to know the difference between a crash and a correction to stay calm in difficult situations. 

Yield Farming

Looking at another way to earn cryptocurrency passively is yield farming. Yield farming is staking in order to generate high returns passively.

Connecting your Metamask to the Binance Smart Chain

Connecting your metamask to Binance Smart Chain is essential to operate on BSC, here is a quick breakdown to get you started asap on the chain.

Quarterly Breakdown

Roadmaps and timelines can be confusing for some people especially when you are first starting out on your crypto journey, this is an explanation of the timeline for quarters.

Mistakes you should avoid in crypto

Mistakes are common, especially in the cryptocurrency world. Learning from your mistakes is great however if we can help you avoid some of these common issues it can help in the long run.

Can Bitcoin be hacked?

For people who are not familiar with cryptocurrency, the vulnerability of these currencies scares them due to the nature of them being online. Can Bitcoin be hacked? The short answer is no. However, for a more detailed explanation check this graphic.

Blockchain: A Breakdown of How it Works

Blockchains are a multitude of parts that work together as a system, lets look at the different parts that make up a blockchain through this graphic. 

Understanding Bitcoin- Altcoin Cycle

The volatility of cryptocurrency is not always predictable but there are certain indications that give you hints as to what is happening at the moment and maybe even in the future. This whole process is called a cycle and is shown with this graphic.

Market Orders VS Limit Orders

Trading is not as complicated as it seems especially when you know the difference between orders in the market. Once you can set different types of orders it will help in your trading life, and minimize your losses.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. These are a couple of examples of cryptocurrencies, for even the most uninformed trader these are known to be popular, however, knowing them does not give you all the information you need about what crypto is. Here is a quick breakdown.

Exchanges: CEX VS DEX

When trading there are two types of exchanges you are most likely to encounter. Centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. No matter what exchange you're dealing with there are some benefits and there are some negatives with both types. Let's check them out.

Metamask Wallet Overview

Hot wallets are one of the most important tools that a trader can have. When looking at wallets online there is one that stands out overall, Metamask is one of the best wallets available lets look at what makes it special.

Ledger Nano S

Among cold wallets, there are several brands that stand out. Trezor and Ledger are kings among cold wallets, Ledger Nano S is a cost-effective, efficient wallet that is popular among traders. Let's look at the graphic for more information about this wallet. 

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the market, however, one can argue it is the most important currency in the market due to its utility. Most valid projects in the market are based on Ethereum so understanding Etheruem is important to understanding the market as a whole.

14 Important Cryptocurrency Terms

People in the cryptocurrency space can use alot of terms that can be confusing , we have decided to break down some of these terms for you.


Chainlink is very important to the crypto space, oracles are incredibly important to data and chainlink is the main authority in this space.Here is a breakdown of chainlink and its importance,  

Important Cryptocurrency Terms

Here is a breakdown of some common terms you can see in the cryptocurrency space. 

More Cryptocurrency Terms

Here are some common terms you can see in cryptocurrency learning some of these terms will help accommodate you to crypto much easier.

Defi Terms Explained

Defi is a huge aspect of the cryptocurrency space, If you are not familiar with this space then it can cause issues. Knowing your most common defi terms can make life easier for any trader.

Blockchain - Digital Transformation

Blockchain technology has changed the world lets look at how the world has changed to a digital-based society.

How to Profit off of Corrections

Corrections can be so devastating and detrimental to portfolios but they can also be an amazing opportunity to make some profit. Here we look at several ways to make money off of corrections.


There are many issues with myths in crypto here is one myth we have addressed. 

NFT : What are They?

Definitely one of the hottest topics in crypto NFTs is all the craze nowadays. Let's take a look at how exactly they function.

What are Hard Forks?

Forks are an important crypto term, here is a breakdown of Hard Forks and what they mean in cryptocurrency.


Soft Forks : What they mean in cryptocurrency

Forks are an important crypto term, here is a breakdown of Soft Forks and what they mean in cryptocurrency.

China's Fud, why it means more this time

China FUD is as common as dips and moons at this point in crypto. However, this time might be a bit different let's see why.

Making plans in crypto

All too often people jump into this space without any clues as to what they are doing, this complicates things heavily in the future. Look at this graphic to give us an idea about planning your investments.

Myths in Cryptocurrency

Here we can take a look at some common misconceptions we see in this space. So hopefully we can avoid these mistakes in the future

Cryptocurrency Basics

Cryptocurrency is a hard sector to understand due to its technical aspects however even understanding some of the basics can help you become a better investor in the long run. Let's look at some basic crypto concepts.

Another look at Cryptocurrency Basics

We have already seen some basic crypto concepts to get us more familiarized with the sector. Let's look at some more for even better context into this sector.


You might have heard the term parachain if you are familiar with Kusama and Polkadot if you were wondering what exactly that is, or maybe if you are still confused about it here is more information on that topic.

Watching out for scammers.

Scammers are everywhere but in crypto, they are especially persistent. Here are some things to watch out for to protect your funds as an investor.

Hodl: and the history behind it

Hodl might be the most common term in cryptocurrency, here is a brief history of the word and the story behind it.

Bitcoin VS Fiat

Bitcoin is the first actual digital alternative to cryptocurrency we have seen. Lets take a look at the key differences between Fiat and Bitcoin and how it improves on where Fiat fails.

Why do gas fees exist?

Gas fees can be annoying sometimes especially when it's expensive due to network congestion. Why do they exist? Let's take a look?

ICO Cheat Sheet

ICO's can be confusing to circumvent. That's why we've tried to make it easier to understand. Take a peek at our ICO cheat sheet.

Top Apps and Devices in Crypto

There are some apps and devices that are essential in this sector here are some of the most important apps and devices you will see in this sector.

Cryptocurrency Tickers

Abbreviations in crypto may leave you confused here we break down some of the most common ones in the sector giving you a bit more clarity.

Top Launchpad platforms on every blockchain

Top launchpads in cryptocurrency. Let's see the best launchpads behind the best chains in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin POW VS Solana POH

Bitcoin is the most popular currency in the world however it does not mean that it is the best. Proof of work has its issues. Let's take a look at Proof of Work Vs Solana's Proof of History and the improvements its made over the king of crypto.

Ethereum and Polkadot

Ethereum Vs Polkadot is a hot topic in crypto due to the relationship of the two founders. Here's how they stack up to each other where it comes to capabilities.

Launchpads in crypto: All time highs for launchpads.

Launchpads help projects raise funds for currency, here are some of the best launchpads and how successful they have been in the sector.

Hodling and how it can benefit you

Hearing the term hodl is all too common in the crypto world but what does it mean and why can it help you become a more successful investor in the long run.

Making a passive income in Cryptocurrency

Here is a breakdown of several ways to earn money passively in crypto

Supply and Demand in Crypto

Supply and demand in cryptocurrency. How they differ from one another.

51 Percent Attack

This graphic explains the likelihood of a 51 percent attack and what exactly it means.

Best Recources in Crypto

It might be hard to find information that is reliable or practical regarding crypto nowadays, we've gathered some of the best-unbiased sources for beginners to learn.